YAHOO Biggest Data Hack in History
How To Protect Your Data ?
What is the Best Free Email Service Providers ?

YAHOO Stood for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.” one of the first internet companies in the field and played a major rule to improve the internet and transfer it to its current form, Founded in 1994 by Stanford University students David Filo and Jerry Yang.

In latest disclosure of a data from Yahoo breach includes more than one billion accounts and this the largest in history.
According to Yahoo’s announcement on Wednesday the information stolen in the 2013 attack include :
names, phone numbers, encrypted passwords, , unencrypted security questions which used to reset a password but that the stolen information did not include
passwords , payment card data, or bank account information, Yahoo statement  “Payment card data and bank account information are not stored in the system the company believes was affected.”

How to Protect Your Data and You Privacy

1- Change your password , security questions .
2- Don’t use the same password in all online services,use different passwords .
3- The best password combination includes upper and lowercase letters with numbers and symbols
like  (AaBb – !@#$%& )
3- Change your email service provider if you still afraid from any future attacks

Top 5 Best Free Email Service Providers

1- Gmail (Highly Recommended)

The best free email service in the world with plenty of features include 15GB of free storage with high privacy and security and Free mobile apps available for Android and IOS.

2- Outlook

Outlook is another popular free email service previously it was known as Hotmail it’s a free email service from Microsoft with clean interface and good security .

3- AOL Mail

AOL Stood for America Online and it’s another popular free email service with unlimited email storage with good security.

4- icloud mail

icloud mail is a free email service from apple with 5GB of storage

5- Zoho Mail

another great free email service provider with clean interface and good security

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