Coca-Cola is the most consumed beverage in all over the world from Asia to North America , this popular soft drink can do a lot of things beyond being a soft drink  ! Be ready to check out the 5 amazing Ways to Use Coca-Cola around the house

1- Paint and Stain Removal


If you have painted or stained furniture and you want to remove that stain or paint you should use a bottle of Coca-Cola pour the soda on a towel and Rob the piece of furniture the paint or stain should come right off and the best part is that it does not smell as strong as paint remover.


In this extreme case definitely you cannot use Coca-Cola, I actually don’t know what should be done in this case LOL



Due to the long and heavy excessive use  of your kitchenware it will gets all blackened and stained so in order to avoid the hard work of rubbing and scrubbing simply pour some Coca-Cola and let it sit for five minutes by using this little live hack it will makes your cleaning process so much easier .

3- Loosen up Rusted Bolts


If you need to remove a bolt but it’s rusted and corroded it can be really hard or almost impossible to get it off if you need to loosen arrested bolt pour some Coca-Cola on and let it sit for a few minutes and then try to remove that bolt again it could come right off without any problem.

4- Window Cleaner


Coca-Cola contains citric acid which makes it great for cleaning windows some people choose to use strong-smelling window cleaners to clean their windows but the truth is that Coca-Cola works just as good and it won’t leave the room smelling like chemicals.

5- Toilet Bowl Cleaner


If you are looking for a cheap ,safe ,effective way to clean the toilet Guess what?Coca-Cola can get the job done and make the task a little bit easier for you, Simply pour Coca-Cola into the toilet and wait about an hour before scrubbing and flushing the toilet it’s that easy !
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