Take a ride like never before in your own predator style sea monster the Seabreacher or ride a flying water
bike get ready to check out eight insane water toys everyone must try , And we start our water games list with

8-Hobie Mirage Eclipse

With this awesome innovation you can literally walk on water and by adjusting the hand controls riders can go left or right with ease.


7- Inflatable Water Pillow  – Water Catapult


Check out the SUBWING a New water sport created by Norwegian inventor Simon cyber ssin the subwing fast becoming a worldwide sensation is a hand held Finn that is towed behind the speedboat if you’ve ever dreamed of swimming like a sea creature the subwing will let you do it. comprised of two independently pivoting hydrodynamic wings joined in the center with a steel end rubber swivel the subwing can be written above or below the water riders hang onto rubber grips at the front of the wings or a rubber grab loop in the rear by adjusting the angle of the wings riders can go up down left or right with ease by twisting the wings adventurous riders can perform complex spins and maneuvers

5- Wokart

An awesome new watercraft that really handles like a go-kart the wokart structured deviates from traditional naval architecture as the first patented designer watercraft in the world with a mid-mounted out board engine the wokart is fast responsive agile at a whole lot of fun also constructed to be completely stable according to the creators in four years of development and testing no one has flipped a wokart over even when making 90-degree turns at high speeds with custom seating and automotive controls driving the wokart feels very similar to driving a car though the design calls for only a 70 horse power motor the wokart feather-light construction makes it incredibly fast at 47 miles per hour

4- Seabob – Underwater Scooter

if you’re looking for a new way to explore beneath the ocean waves we’ve got you covered this is the seabob a cross between a jet ski and a body board seabob is theworld’s fastest water and diving scooter jump through the waves are power your way toward the ocean floor with the seabob just grab the handles engage the throttle and off you go

3- Jetovator Flying Bike

it’s been said that none ever forgets how to ride a bike and while this wild watercraft is adifferent animal learning to ride it is definitely worth the effort and experience generator rider can teach you the basics in about an hour


the standard-bearer of extreme water craftthis ingenious water gushing machine lets you powerfully fly up into the air and do daredevil stunts that bottle the mind bolted to a jetski motor the flyboard routes the force of a jet skis water through a long hose that connects to a pair of jet boots strapped to a platform nozzles mounted below the platform fire huge amounts of high pressure water creating incredible lift


Have you ever dreamed of having your own submarine how about an underwater sports car or a bionic shark now you can have all three but to do it you need to get your hands on a seabreacher a dramatic breakthrough in recreational boating the Seabreacher is a powerful safe and stable watercraft built to endure surpassing the capabilities of a conventional watercraft this insane creation powers through below and above the water with controls capable of pitch yaw and roll the Seabreacher handles like a high-performance aircraft

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