It is one of the world’s most popular soft drink brands, But Coca-Cola ingredients paved the way for it to be so more than being a refreshing beverage ,Coca-Cola contains acids and other chemical ingredients that are more typically using in cleaning products and pesticides , There are so many ways that Coca-Cola can be used than it’s normal use, It can be used as tool to Defrost Car Windshield in winter. be ready to check out 10 practical uses for Coca-Cola



Believe it or not the use of Coca-Cola as a pesticide become more popular than before , there are many farmers in India ending up using Coca-Cola as a pesticide in the fields rather than using poison for many reasons :
1- it’s much less expensive than pesticides.
2- Safer,Pesticides are poison and it can make animals and humans sick if they go into the fields.
So Coca-Cola as a pesticide can be a highly effective solution for pests termination due to the high sugar content of Coca-Cola.

2. Gum Removal


How frustrating is it as a parent when your child comes to you with gum in there hair while since the last thing you want to do is cut it out of their hair  a can of  Coca-Cola might help, to get rid of that gum simply pour some Coca-Cola in your child’s hair leave it on for a few minutes and you should be able to pick the gum right out of your child’s hair.

3.Color Fader


This may seem strange but its true Coca-Cola can be used to dull your hair color in case if you’re sporting a darker cloth than you’d prefer the ingredients within the Coca-Cola help dissolve and weaken the dye , So the next time if your hair didn’t turn out the way you had hoped go straight to the refrigerator get a can of Coca-Cola and pour it over your head .

4. Pain Neutralizer 


This is another easy quick and cheap little life hack pour some Coca-Cola on aggravated insect bite or annoying beast or jellyfish sting and the wound will be healed faster .

5. Car Windshield Defroster


Don’t you hate it when you go out to your car in the middle of the winter and you find that your windshield is covered with ice try pouring a can of coke over the windshield and in just minutes the ice will have defrosted and come off on its own it’s much faster than warming up the car and waiting for it to defrost itself.

 6.Jellyfish Sting Relief


There are certain chemicals in coca-cola that can neutralize if you were stung by a jellyfish you don’t need to suffer for very long all you need to do is pour a bit of this tasty soft drink on the infected area and it should ease the pain in just a few seconds it’s the best fastest solution when you are stung by a jelly fish.

7.Hair Curling


You can use Coca-Cola to enhance the natural curls of your hair , you just pour some Coca-Cola over your head and let it sit for a few minutes as your hair dries it’ll start to curl up, it may not be a permanent treatment for curly hair however it will work for the day or at least until you’re ready to wash your hair .

8.Removing Gas Smell From Clothing


Anyone who’s gotten a little too close to the hose at a gas station or has worked with Smelly petroleum products knows how difficult it is to remove the unpleasant to odor of gasoline from clothes. A standard run through the laundry cycle may not even do the job completely and thoroughly removing the smell that is where Coca-Cola comes in as the best way of getting rid of that gas smell simply add a can of Coca-Cola to your washing machine and then wash your smelly clothing.

9.Coin Scrubbing


If you’re a coin collector and you want your pennies to be clean and free of sticky muck  a can of Coca-Cola will clean your coins quickly and easily just fill up a mug with Coca-Cola soak your pennies for about an hour and when they come out they’ll be shiny thanks to the acidic compounds found in every coke.


10.Coca-Cola can work as a battery cleaner


Over time the battery in your car can start to corrode this corrosion can make it difficult for your car to start the best part about using Coca-Cola for this is that it won’t dilute the battery acid however it will still get rid of the corrosion if you’re having battery issues you don’t need to worry about going to the auto parts store to find the right product you might have the perfect solution right there in your refrigerator.

*Coca-Cola Science Experiment

Coca-Cola can be fun if you want to do a science experiment you can use Coca-Cola to create an exploding fountain to make it work you just put in three or four Mentos into a bottle of Diet Coke within seconds the soda will start exploding from the top of the bottle .
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